Things You Should Know about the Sundered World

1. The World is torn to pieces, literally.
After a cinematic and cataclysmic event to harvest the world’s arcane power, the globe was torn to pieces as arcane powers fractured the land into many pieces. With the resulting explosion, the pieces grew distant and with enough time new nations grew independently of each other as civilizations of different planets come to be without knowing what is beyond themselves. And with enough time the peoples of these lands forgot that others existed elsewhere.

2. The Age of Shard Ships has arrived, but not for all.
The world has come to a new age in which shardships have come to creation and the great powers are now able to explore the dark void and exploit far of lands with new colonies. Despite their creation only the powerful are able to wield these crafts because they are highly regulated by the the shadowy guild of the Ergosi and the dark House of Ardradulk, pricing them at expensive costs.

3. The world is in ruins, yet Hell still desires the remnants.
Despite the destruction and the world having been torn to pieces, the powers of hell still lust for power. With the arcane energies all but leaked from the world shards, they desire now to cause torment and enslave the mortal races into submission. Luckily (or unluckily dependent on your viewpoint) the Angels of Heaven still remain to defend Haven from infernal invasion.

4. The Gods have returned.
Many of the Gods fled the material plane as the armies of Hell were slaying their divine kin. Fearing that they all might perish they fled their home to the recesses of existence finding new planes to call their own. After countless years have passed through the eternal hourglass, the Gods have been dormant to the lives of mortals, but many have returned to safeguard the descendants of their creations.

5. The kingdoms of today are of the old.
On Benervia the Kingdoms are the rebellious states of the former Belkan Empire or the survivors of their bloody conquests. Being that these very nations were built by the slaves of the Belkans, they are easily enraged by the idea of Belkan descendants and the Arch devils that hey worshiped. To this day the nations of the continent hunt out all deviltry and signs of the reemergence of their old masters.

6. No certain alignment.
Alignments are vague moral judgement of the creatures of Haven. Strict alignments tend to be overly restricting and cumbersome. You can never exactly tell the agendas of any character and any may betray you, or aid you. Only the attitudes of outsiders are completely restrained by their alignments.

Things You Should Know about the Sundered World

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