Heaven fight

Welcome to the shattered world of Haven, a world destroyed in the ancient conflict of warring Angels and Demons. The remaining pieces of the realm float apart from one another within the bounds of a dead sun. The denizens of this world sleep under a star lit sky and the under the sustaining warmth of a flaming comet by day. Independently these lands have developed their own societies and kingdoms in isolation from the other world shards, with each unaware that there is more to their reality and other remnants of beings who survived the cataclysm that tore Haven. Now though, the age of Airships has come and Haven’s peoples shall be united once again through its invention.

One of the largest of these floating continents is Benervia, a land once ruled by the Devil worshipping Empire of the Belkans. Benervia, a great land populated with the sparkling jeweled cities of the west, barbaric tribesmen of the northern highlands, of veiling forests to the east and both withering deserts and savage jungles to the south where terrible histories lay forgotten.

Adventurers sharpen your blades, ready your spells, pray to your gods and prepare yourelf for the world of Haven.

Haven: The Sundered World

Cataclysm device